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Our Vision
maiyan karidi
wood fire glaze

To nurture a ‘creation station’ for travelers and creative people to express themselves in a positive and stimulating environment.

The only travel experience in Mauritius offering artistic, cultural and philosophical exploration.

A collective art experiment inviting visitors to participate in the process.

A living art project combining creative forces in a ‘hands on’ and dynamic way.

Establishing the Tranquil Art House together.

  • A safe haven for artists to create.
  • A gathering place for innovations and ideas.
  • A mentorship program for young and inspired artists who seek guidance, direction and the right atmosphere to produce their dream works.
  • Public art.
  • Community projects.
  • Access to music, dance, sculpture, mosaic fine art, painting, pottery with experimental firing, photography field trips, vegetarian cooking, and more…..
  • Exhibitions for individuals who’s works are outstanding.

We are open to all visitors looking for relaxation and ‘time out’ within a creative environment, as well as those who wish to participate in the dynamics of the creation station.

Contact • Tel: +230 59794311

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