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Writing and Poetry

Inspiration comes from many different sources.

One of the strongest sources of inspiration comes from the beauty and
wonder of nature.

A beautiful tree can inspire us, the vastness and depth of the ocean,
a rainbow, a droplet on a leaf.

Music can inspire us to dance, to let go, to release, to imagine, to dream.

Sometimes we are inspired to express in whatever medium we know best.

Here is a poem by my muse:


One lonesome night in Africa
three miles from gloom lagoon
I chanced upon a caterpillar
smiling in the moon.
I gazed at him inquiringly
as time waved from a star
then asked him for directions
to a place north of afar.
Somewhere I’d be free again
free to simply be
and not to feel the shame I feel
for seeing what I see.
The wise old worm (who’d been smiling in the moon since time began)
agreed to guide me with his light
until I reached my promised land.
But first he sent a raven black
to gather my regrets
“they’ll weigh you down” the worm declared
“best lay them down to rest”.
So the raven black came and took my burdens
cast them deep as hate
into the dreaded gloom lagoon
three miles from twist of fate.
Well I reached my long-lost promised land
thanks to that neon tear
and when I sense my solitude
my caterpillar moon is near.

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While we busy ourselves with focusing on the beautiful side of life, with our art and music and positive expression, we also struggle with the rough side, the unjust, the obstacles and the despair. We leave it to nature, or to fate, or destiny to make things even again. To level out or balance the forces that make or break.

Here is a poem that inspires me to continue against all odds.

Where do you brew your wickedness oh creature of decline,
Where did you trade your conscience for a globule of green slime?
Who deprived you of sentiment, compassion and light?
Who made you Lord Troll by day and Sir Goblin by night?
You have no remorse when you boil your broth,
that concoction of evil you nourish with froth,
that oozes from your wily smile,
turns pleasure to gloom and happiness vile!
Your motives unfathomable,
your deeds are despicable,
with your layer of prickliness
you think you’re untouchable,
but your fate is decided, your soul in no more,
it was seized by good warriors
who tracked down your plight
and are waiting -
spears dipped in the venom and spite
from your very own brew
that you stewed without light!

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