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Volunteer Program
For creative expression and artistic experimentation

Art Adventures Mauritius

“I would like to spend some time with Mystica to enhance my creative potential, learn more about art and enjoy the tropical island in a meaningful way”

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Mystica offers a cross-cultural, personal and meaningful artistic experience.

Artist Retreat Program

The Tranquil Art House

Relax and create at your leisure. For writers, thinkers, performance artists, visual artists, existentialists and creative people. At the Tranquil Art House you are allowed to ‘just be’.
If you are looking for a more dynamic experience, you are invited to participate in the ‘creation station’

Building the vision together

Become part of the collective art experiment. Leave your mark on canvas, in clay, in mosaics, photo exhibition, or in whatever medium inspires you. Enjoy the ambience while participating in a unique and dynamic art project.


A beautiful spot on the tropical island of Mauritius, near to the turquoise lagoon. We are situated in the peaceful village of Calodyne in the North of the island.

What you need?

Imagination, courage, sensitivity, honesty, creativity, openness, patience, dedication, love and any art materials you would like to bring with you.


  • Receive guidance and encouragement for emerging artists.
  • Assist with the everyday running of the Art House.
  • Experiment with pottery, alchemy and innovative firing techniques.
  • Sound innovations and music.
  • Learn about mosaic fine art surfaces.
  • Community art projects - Beautify the local villages with public art & aesthetics.
  • Create a sculpture.
  • Cook vegetarian food in our 'Earth Kitchen'.
  • Enjoy moonlight storytelling.
  • Photograph at interesting locations like ‘down South’, Chinatown or local Hindu villages. 
  • Have fun with intensive workshops (Raku firing, glass melting experimentation and more).
  • Seminars.
  • Participate and share in the process of developing the Tranquil Art House and its studios while enjoying the ambience we create.

Take a break to enjoy your surroundings

  • Take a stroll to the stunning beach near us.
  • Enrich yourself with a cultural tour of the Tamil temple, Buddhist temple, Chinatown, Sega (traditional music and dance), observing cultural festivals or gallery tours.
  • Enjoy dancing or yoga at the nearby studio.
  • Take a scenic horse ride amongst the majestic Banyan trees.
  • Challenge yourself with kite-surfing or parasailing or just relax with snorkeling or lazing in the tropical sun.
  • Spoil yourself with a color therapy treatment to balance your chakras and harmonize your being.
  • Bring your own musical instrument and join a jam session.


The cost is tailored to your individual program and special arrangements are made for long term visitors.

The first step is to contact Maiyan on or +230 59794311. She will guide you on all aspects of the artistic adventure, including costs and logistics, length of stay and any questions you may have.

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